Wild Women Journey

January 15th through May 3rd, 2024

It would have made me deeply uncomfortable a couple years ago to not to have a sense of certainty and a CAPITAL-P PLAN! for just about everything in life. But after experiencing an unexpected, deeply painful but incredibly transformative dark night of the soul, I now hold immense reverence for those spaces and seasons of uncertainty in life that invite us to surrender to something greater than ourselves, and connect to the parts of ourselves that have often been neglected in the busyness of our lives and careers.

To access our greatest power and liberation as women, we must learn to “see” in a NEW WAY…with our feminine INTUITION – instead of our “thinking” minds.

And honestly, society would rather we not, for women connected to their power base and the greater collective in this way are deeply threatening and dangerous to the establishment. They are Wild. Witchy. Free. And very, very difficult to control.

There is a reason they used to burn them at the stake.

At first, I thought that dark night of the soul would totally break me. I now see it’s priceless gifts: It deconstructed every false belief in my life holding me back and called forth my inner Mystic – that deeply feminine, divine, Wise Woman within, who had long been buried under a lot of “mindset” practices, hustling, achieving and living far more from my head than my intuition and heart.

Intuition and mysticism are the very places where the magic begins. Yet for many high-achieving women, these ancient ways are often the most neglected in the busyness of our lives, families and careers. But if we dare to lean into them, and learn to trust their wisdom (meaning, we learn to trust OURSELVES), they will redirect our lives in the most glorious ways possible, leading us to our soul’s greatest fulfillment. But for most women, their inner Mystic lies forgotten, untended and neglected.

But despite all of this, she remains ALIVE and accessible – In all of us.

Earlier this fall I gathered a collective of women who wanted to dive deep into these sacred, healing waters and journey together. All of them were experiencing huge transitions and longing for authentic sisterhood, safe and supportive community, and a deeply healing experience.

Those women are now approaching the closure of our first journey together. The alchemy, friendship and healing that occurred has been nothing short of MAGICAL. SO magical in fact, that we’re continuing together in the New Year and opening the doors for other women to come and join our collective. We believe that safe, sacred circles for women are deeply needed for us to truly thrive. We also want to help lead the way for the generations that follow by ushering in a whole new wave of being on this earth – one that breaks the molds society would have us confined in, because happy, healthy women connected to their power will change the world. And, it’s just a total BLAST to learn, play and grow together.

This is your invitation to come and journey with us on an adventure of true sisterhood, magic, and reclaiming the wild woman and inner Mystic inside of YOU.

This collective of women is FOR YOU if…

You’re craving authentic community with other women of depth and substance. You’re tired of wine-infused happy hour conversations that sound like a broken record on repeat, and hungry for spaces of authentic community and deeper connection with other women where you can come exactly as you are.

You’re tired of viewing yourself as a “project” to be fixed. While you deeply value personal growth work and have done a great deal of it already, you’re starting to see how chasing the next self-help fix isn’t serving you anymore. You want to cultivate a sense of BEING vs. DOING, more-than-enoughness and rich inner peace – independent of external circumstances.

You want to be MORE IN YOUR BODY and less in your MIND. You’re exhausted from living in your analytical, “thinking” brain with its constant ruminating, pressure and perfectionism. And you’re sick of running yourself into the ground and burning out. You want to connect to the deep wisdom and power of your body; the kind that will never come from thinking – but from movement, pleasure, nourishment and play.

You’re longing for a deeper connection to the earth, nature, and the Land, beyond just going for a nice hike. Perhaps you’re becoming increasingly aware of our culture’s daily disconnection from the medicine of nature – and how it has left a deep and gaping void in our lives and spirits. And you want to meet the Earth – and her seasons, plants, cycles and rhythms – in a new and magical way.

You’re longing to embrace and explore your inner mystic, divine Feminine, and “witchy” side. You’ve spent more than enough time achieving and producing in your life and career, and something more spiritual is calling to you now. And you want a safe and sacred space to explore that – learning and playing with like-minded women to invite, invoke and inspire your Inner Mystic and Wise Woman (who has probably been left lying dormant for years under the busyness of life, family and career).

You want to reclaim and discover your WILDNESS. And do it in a community of other wild women intent of living lives of magic, adventure, spirituality and purpose…the kind that goes way beyond typical therapy tools and “mindset work.”

Put simply, the purpose of this collective is to surround you with a powerful community of deliciously rebellious, smart and spiritual women intent on living our most expansive and liberated lives in a culture that’s constantly telling us the following…

  • To stay small
  • To be “polite” and “nice”
  • To produce like a machine, chronically pushing ourselves to exhaustion, burnout and illness
  • To abandon ourselves to everything and everyone else
  • To prioritize achievement above our health, freedom and joy
  • To ignore, question, or neglect our desires, feminine intuition and POWER
  • To outsource our Knowing to something (or someone) other than ourselves
  • To chronically override the deep wisdom of our bodies, ancestors, spiritual guides, and the Land
  • To never, EVER get too powerful or “witchy”….lest we need be burned at the stake!!!

Together, we will reclaim the abandoned parts of our hearts, voices, desires and spirits that have been lost, neglected or entirely forgotten in our years of “achieving” in our capitalistic and patriarchal culture.

(We also get to be irreverent AF and laugh a hell of lot along the way).

During this Journey, you will receive…

Twelve Sacred Group Gatherings: These are transformative and magical gatherings with our tribe of heart-led, authentic women pursuing their most liberated, joyful and expansive lives. We will connect with each other and ourselves; reclaim our deepest desires and neglected parts; explore rituals and tools to connect with our spirituality; and heal, laugh and learn together. Gatherings are 75 minutes and held the second Tuesday of the month at 4 pm PST/7 pm EST and the fourth Tuesday of the month at 10 am PST/1 pm EST (with the exception of January – our calls will be on the third and fifth Tuesday that month). All gatherings are recorded and sent out after the call for anyone who couldn’t attend, or who simply wishes to re-listen to the magic!

Four 60-minute private sessions with Jen: These are focused, 1-1 calls to nourish and support you in any area of your life needing love and attention. These calls are also recorded and sent to you so that you can re-listen to them as desired and take them with you anywhere.

Telegram Group Channel: This is our active and supportive group messaging channel for sharing and connecting as much as you life in between group gatherings, and throughout our entire journey together. Here we share celebrations, ideas, requests for support, and meaningful connection and conversation.

Contemplations, reflections and inspiration from Jen: Each week I will create a mini-podcast for our collective and share it on our group Telegram channel. These reflections are designed to support, nourish and inspire your heart and spirit as you connect more deeply with your inner wisdom, and to support you in creating rituals and practices to nourish your inner Mystic and highest well-being.

Gatherings with Guest Experts and Contributors: These gifted collaborators (who also happen to be some of my most favorite humans!) have all been vetted by yours truly, and will join us at several gatherings and other points on our Journey to help us explore truly fascinating topics and connect more deeply with our Inner Mystic and Wise Woman. Some of these areas may be familiar to you, and some may feel very wild and unknown…simply take what you want, and leave the rest! Topics to be explored include…

  • Astrology
  • Tarot
  • Herbalism
  • Intuitive healing
  • Chinese medicine
  • Celtic traditions, myth and ancestral wisdom
  • Akashic record reading
  • Hormone health and holistic nutrition
  • Global travel adventures for women
  • Tantra and conscious sexuality
  • Embodiment and pleasure practices
  • Money mindset and wealth consciousness



Single payment of $2222

Payment Plan Option: Four monthly payments of $599


Questions? Email Jen at jen@jenkilgo.com