What my amazing clients have to say…


“Jen just gets it. In just a couple months of working with her, I’ve been able to create positive shifts in so many areas, feel more connected to my work, and better aligned with my personal and professional goals. She shows up for you – whole-heartedly and non-judgmentally – while creating space to understand yourself, challenge old narratives, and re-write your story. She is authentic, quick witted, and warm. Working with her has been a true gift.” – Missy 


“Through working with Jen, I discovered my voice – and she helped me learn to use it. For the first time in my life I feel empowered, and able to control where I am in life! Jen is empowering and strong while being incredibly empathetic and kind. She truly cares, and you can feel that. I can say with conviction that I would not be where I am in life I am without her help. Jen has been absolutely pivotal in my journey and I am so very grateful for every minute of her time.”

 – Stephanie


“Working with Jen has given me the most powerful internal shifts of my life. She provides you tools to help you live your most authentic, best life. Jen is a teacher, coach, expert in her field, and advocate for your overall well-being. She knows when to challenge you and when to listen. She is a kind, compassionate, fun and smart mentor to help you find a joyful way of living even when shit can be really hard. I am grateful for my work with Jen!” – Jamie


“When I first met with Jen, my intention was to work on stress management and work-life balance related to my very stressful career. Little did I know at the time, there was so much more to tackle! Jen quickly helped me to identify that there are factors from my past and my present that contribute to the state of stress in my life, very few of which are actually related to my work. Setting healthy boundaries, recognizing my self-worth, and learning to get curious about my actions and reactions to outside sources are just a few of those factors. I have done a lot of hard work, looked inward and faced some unexpected truths, and through it all, Jen was there to guide and support me. I can truly say that working with her has been remarkably transformative for me. Jen offers the perfect balance of actively listening, offering constructive suggestions/advice, helping me to identify some of the hard truths and also allowing me to come to some important conclusions on my own. I feel blessed to have found her to help me through this journey of self-exploration and growth!” – Suzanne


“Jen has created a culture and space where I can be open and honest without judgment. She’s provided me with advice and tools I can use to live my life authentically and unapologetically. She has made me feel valued, validated, and empowered as a woman. I’m so grateful for her!”



“Jen is one of those rare people with an uncanny ability to dive into the waters of one’s life – and isolate the branches and stones that are damming up the progression and health of the “river” that is formed from our experiences.” – Suzanne


“I’ve been working with Jen for about 4 years, and they’ve been the most transformative years of my life. I am so grateful that I found her. She’s helped me heal, wrestle through current decisions, and identify my true hopes and wants. I think everyone needs a Jen in their court!” – Courtney