Does this sound like you?

You’re a successful woman with a busy and full life.


You’ve done well, on paper. Yet…

You wake up exhausted.

Today feels exactly like yesterday. It’s defeating.

You feel disconnected – from yourself. From others.

Your health is suffering, and you know it.

The years are flying by faster and faster.

You fear that if something doesn’t change soon, you’ll miss your chance to be truly happy.

And despite your life looking pretty great on paper, you’re suffering on the inside…
more than people would even know.


I see you, and I get you.


Jen Kilgo, Founder and CEO, Women’s Business Breakthrough.

Here’s the truth: High-achieving women are burning out at alarming rates. And the most heartbreaking part? Despite your success, true happiness might feel more elusive to you than ever.

You’re super smart. Educated. Talented. Admired by your peers for your tenacity and ability to handle anything. People comment on how you seem have it all: the career…the comfortable lifestyle…the friends and family…and a stellar reputation to boot.

But on the inside? You’re DROWNING.

You’re overwhelmed and exhausted, dragging yourself through each day. Your physical and emotional health is suffering, and chronic stress is taking a noticeable toll on your most important relationships.

And no matter how many promotions or accolades you receive, it still doesn’t stop that constant, critical voice inside from berating you for not doing more…or doing it all better.

One thing is for sure: another vacation, another yoga class, or another glass of wine won’t fix it. Nor will changing jobs…changing partners…or changing zip codes.

To truly break the cycle of burnout once and for all, we have to heal the most important relationship of our entire lives:

The one with OURSELVES.

I have guided hundreds of high-achieving, professional women from burned out (and often on the brink of leaving everything they’ve worked so hard to build) to waking up rested, energized, and joyful again…in love with life and deeply connected to themselves, their people, and their purpose.

It sounds too good to be true – but I see it happen for them every day. Curious to know how? I share it all in my free online masterclass here. Or, if you’d prefer a human-to-human to chat, book a no-cost call with me here.